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Post by jmadison »

Oh, I'm just stretching and yawning a bit....

I'm sure that this little forum of ours could use a little excitement to get it pumping again, but I just don't have anything exciting to say. Perhaps one day there will emerge as cool an input device as the TouchStream and we can all get on with it as well.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.....
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Wake up!

Post by ivanw »

OK, Jason, to wake up a little, I'm currently thrusting myself into something nearly, but not quite, as exhilarating as a TouchStream...

:wink: we are off-topic right? So, I used to have a GPS while navigating through Turkey and Iceland some years ago and it's amazing how the technology has evolved since then. If you'd love to get caught by a new addiction: you can start here...

You can blame me if your wallet gets hurt, but then, I'll :P with contempt...

:twisted: because I failed to resist and purchased a Garmin 660 a few days ago (I don't have it yet, it's still on the road. ;) and I hope it won't get lost.) Now I spend much of my time reading everything I can get my hands on out of this forum. (This one is maintained by a french guy with great support and membership from many other countries)
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