New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

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New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Post by Roshan1 »

Hi Torben and Gang,

I have some good news! I just came across an article that states Apple has filed a patent for a new iPad Multi-Touch keyboard. It is being developed by John Elias, cofounder of FingerWorks. Could this be the beginning of the new TouchStream we have been waiting the last 9 years for? Fingers crossed (but not too much or my RSI will start to act up). :D ... -keyboard/

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Re: New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Post by TorbenGB »

This looks interesting! Thank you for sharing.

I'm glad to see that they are *finally* doing something in the keyboard area! It's no surprise that they are going to use it for the iPad first. Perhaps a desktop model will follow, and (*really* perhaps) that desktop model could be used with non-Macs as well... but that is probably still a few years away. Hoping, hoping...!
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Re: New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Post by jmadison »

Interesting... very interesting.
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Re: New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Post by David.P »

Great to hear about activities of the founders!

This just made me find an article of 2013:
How I sold my company to Apple: Jeff White, former FingerWorks CEO
since 2005 featuring
Triple Monitors Windows Desktop with Ethernet-to-VGA¹
Speech Input with NaturallySpeaking
iGesture Pad with Gesture Sound Feedback
Paperless Office with Remote Backup
Windows installed in SDRAM²
¹) deprecated by AMD Eyefinity
²) deprecated by SSD
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Re: New Apple iPad Multi-Touch Keyboard

Post by nomaded »

I truly hope this becomes a product, but Apple has a tendency to file for a patent, but not necessarily moving in to a full product sold to consumers. I especially hope that it'll have bluetooth support. I remember how there were many people wanted a wireless Touchstream of some sort. I would definitely get one and carry it with my MacBook Pro.

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