TouchStream LP Keyboard Excellent Condition, 2 Stands

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TouchStream LP Keyboard Excellent Condition, 2 Stands

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My dear TouchStream LP QWERTY on eBay -- excellent condition, 2 stands (home/work), 3 replacement ribbon connectors. It's in great condition - no damage, just some texture wear (shine) in the center of the surface from normal use. Functionally (and cosmetically) perfect. No signs of strain in ribbon connector or USB cable (but I purchased 3 replacement ribbon connectors years ago just in case...). It's has had one owner (me), and it's been very well loved and cared for. I'm parting with it now because I'm just not using it very much, and others should have the benefit of it. (I remember when I absolutely needed it to get through the day.) I just can't let it sit there knowing that others who don't have one may also be in need.

eBay auction ends April 1st -- ... 1294912384

Thanks friends,

Damon Brinson
Austin, TX
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