SDK use in Java

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SDK use in Java

Post by raemschkes »

i tried to use your sdk for programming in java. the readme says that i
have to copy the WinHand2Java.dll in a directory:
""Then make sure the WinHand2Java.dll file from "FWHID HandMotion\lib\"
is in your path or the working directory
where you are launching java from. ""
so the problem is that there is no WinHand2Java.dll just a
FWHID HandTracking\lib\fwtrack.lib
is this the right file if yes where should i copy it and how should i
load it. can you explain it with details for me
im not so good in this programming stuff yet. are there any examples
you can send? and my last question: how can i use the functions listed
in the api? just as in c++?
thanks for answering.
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Post by ivanw »

You can build it if you have everything at hand for Microsoft Visual Studio. (I don't)...

Go to the installation directory created by setupfw153.exe, for instance: C:\Program Files\FingerWorks

You can read the following from this file sdk\FWHID_HandTracking\docs\html\p5.html
  • To rebuild the lib/WinHand2Java.dll Java-native bridge library, choose the Java DLL project configuration and build.
Project file fwhand.vcproj is in sdk\FWHID_HandTracking\msdev_net

Sources are in sdk\FWHID_HandTracking\src\java\native
  • fwhid_WinHand2Java.c
The native call is made in the Java source file sdk\FWHID_HandTracking\src\java\fingerworks\fwhid\

Good luck and keep us posted...
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Post by raemschkes »

Hi ivanw,
thanks for you answer
i tried to get it like described and like it's explained in the manual.
i used to load the fwhand.vcproj into VC++ 05 express edition compiler and he showed all source and header files he needed. there are a few more than the four files in the native directory of java. they are spread over the whole sdk directory. there are even 2 files required that don't exsist at all.
last, trying to build a java.dll library the compiler grumbled because of missing Windows.h sources which seems to be a general problem between the compiler and the operating system.
Isn't there anybody who uses the SDK for Java programming?!?!
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Anyone ever used this in Java?

Post by dwigdor »

I'm a Java programmer, and agree that the DLL cannot be compiled, given the missing header files. Has anyone out there ever successfully built the DLL, or found another way to use this in Java? Sure would be nice.
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