Addicted to the iGesture FingerPad

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Addicted to the iGesture FingerPad

Post by maiaibing »

I am joining to follow the quest for getting someone to pick up the technology (and in the hope that someone with the needed skills will be able to write a new driver for the iGesture Pad when the next generation of Windows ships).

I have written to another great touchpad company to suggest that they accquire the technology. I do not expect any answer - but if I get one, I will post it here.

Nothing comes close to using the iGesturePad as a mouse substitute. So I was shocked to find out that Fingerworks had turned its keys in.

Since I have three iGesture Pads in the house (too many computers) I found out too late. No hope of getting any "spares".
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Post by Rqyteqto »

There's always hope. Keep your eyes open and watch eBay. There's usually a item every week.

However, its highly unlikely there will be a new driver for Windows. Beyond just the technical issues, there are legal ones as well. As for any other company taking the reins, that's even more unlikely due to the patents. Its sad but unfortunately true.

Assuming the FW boys do indeed work for Apple these days, our best hope lies with Apple.
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