What software works best with your Fingerworks device?

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lee griggs
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What software works best with your Fingerworks device?

Post by lee griggs »

For me it is most software that works well with a keyboard. Examples being:

Opera - fully configurable with keyboard shortcuts - no mousing required.
Spotify - easy to tab and type music - no mousing required
Picasa - arrow swipe gestures between pictures work well.
Windows XP (I find Windows 7 more cumbersome for keyboard use ie no keyboard favorites etc)

Anyone else found that a particular piece of software works like a dream with their device?
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Re: What software works best with your Fingerworks device?

Post by jmadison »

For me, I notice it the most when I'm -not- using my TouchStream for whatever reason.

The one program that I just can't seem to run without my TS is Autodesk Inventor (3D CAD Modeling Software). I have certain gestures set up for pan, orbit, zoom, and find it WAY easier to do it on my TS than with a traditional keyboard and mouse (which I also have on my desk).

The other thing I "miss" whenever I don't have access to my TS is the cut/copy/paste gestures. For that, it doesn't matter what software I'm using.

Funny, but with my job I tend to do a lot of number entry (part numbers, quote numbers, and so on). I have found that the regular number pad on the regular keyboard is much better for that. So, I keep both on the desk.
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