Offer of $100 for complete photgraphs and commentary

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Offer of $100 for complete photgraphs and commentary

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Sorry folks. due to unnecessary legal demands and wrangling by another party, I have to revoke my offer of $100 for photos and commentary of the dissassembly and interiors of an FW board. Sheesh, you would think it would be such a simple thing: your board is dead, you might want to help out the community and I was willing to provide an inducement for such, you take some picture and provide commentary and post them, give me your address, I send you the $100. But no, that's too difficult. Hey, my personal gain from the offer was, at most, miniscule and minor. I was simply trying to help out the community.

jwr, you are still eligible if you wish since you have done it. Contact me via PM and we can exchange contact information.
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