Touchsteram LP Dvorak for sale

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Touchsteram LP Dvorak for sale

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Hello folks!

I have a Touchstream LP up for sale. It's in the Dvorak layout.

I bought it when I was big into rock climbing, and had major pain issues with my forearms. It turns out that hanging one's weight on pieces the size of a marble is bad for tendons and things. So I learned Dvorak and switched to the Touchstream, which solved my forearm issues. I stopped climbing some time ago, however, and can no longer justify such a cool keyboard. I still use Dvorak though ;)

So, I think it's time to part with the keyboard. The connector in the center has some small bits of paint missing (a stripe across the bottom about 2 mm by 2 cm), but this is just cosmetic - the connector is NOT physically damaged at all. That is the only wear that I can see on the keyboard. It passed the FingerWorks diagnostics correctly. It comes with the tray with gel pads that came with it.

I'm happy to post pictures of whatever you'd like to see about it.

Please post an offer. If I see an offer I'll accept, I'll sell it to the highest offer, and I'll reply to this thread when it's gone. If you prefer, you may email me an offer at

I'll ship on my dime to anywhere in the US with UPS ground or the USPS equivalent.

I'll accept PayPal.

Thanks much :)

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