Spam on the rise, but not getting through

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Spam on the rise, but not getting through

Post by TorbenGB »

One of the big advantages of upgrading the software behind forum is better spam protection, and I'm glad to say that it works. I haven't seen any spam being posted on the forums since the upgrade. Have you? Please report anything you dislike using the "!" icon in the offending post, and moderators *) will take action as needed.

But we do get spam! It just doesn't get published, because the system identifies these messages (posts and replies) and routes them to the Moderator Control Panel for approval. I've seen ten new such messages since yesterday and I'm worried that it might increase even more.

And from looking at the member list, it's obvious that we need to get rid of many fake user registrations and prevent such fake registrations in the future. We already employ the reCAPTCHA technology and mandatory account activation emails to make fake registrations harder, but clearly that's not enough. I'll have to investigate more efficient ways to prevent fake registrations. Your suggestions are appreciated!

Update: I've just removed 99 fake registrations and replaced reCAPTCHA with a "Q&A" model.

*) Yes, we have a small admin team. I'm grateful for the assistance!
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