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lee griggs
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Mobile Phone

Post by lee griggs »

The number of times my mobile phone has shut down my computer thanks to my TS is getting silly.

Anyone got any other suggestions how I can avoid this, apart from leaping out of the room every time it goes off?

ken gray
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Re: Mobile Phone

Post by ken gray »

Really? I've never had any problems...what kind of phone is it?
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Re: Mobile Phone

Post by TorbenGB »

Do you mean that radio interference from your phone messes with your TS which in turn crashes Windows? That's odd, never happened to me. I've often heard that cell phones disturb the TS itself, but never that this would affect the computer.

Do you keep your cell phone very close to the TS or its cable? Try moving it away 0,5-1 meter (2-3 feet).
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Re: Mobile Phone

Post by The00Dustin »

I'm thinking he means shut down, as in an alt-f4 gesture followed by an enter keystroke (along with plenty of other irrelevant input) from the radio interference equal an actual shut down. Unfortunately, I don't know how one would prevent a phone that causes this to happen from doing so. I also don't know whether each TS would react the same to each phone/model. Regardless, I would think it might be possible to design a shield around the keyboard, but I don't know how far one could go with it, nor how effective it would be. Yet another reason to remember I'm glad I don't have a cell phone.
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Re: Mobile Phone

Post by ebenhaber »

I've seen the same problem when having my cell phone operating too close to the touch stream. No doubt radio frequencies from the phone are interfering with something in the keyboard. The keyboard doesn't appear to have any shielding at all, no metal visible. Come to think of it, the ribbon connector is just the right length to be an antenna for many cell phone frequencies. I guess you could try wrapping the ribbon connector in aluminum foil. But the best solution is to keep the phone a few feet away when making calls.
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