DPI of iGesture

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DPI of iGesture

Post by ddineb2 »

Hi All,

This is DDinEB - but I had to register for a new user account, because I could not successfullly activate my old one. Sorry for having to "muddy up" the roster of users here.

Anyway, does anyone know the dots per inch (dpi) specs for the iGesture? I 'v had one for about 4 months now. I have mixed feelings about it. One gripe I have is that it's been hard to tune the mouse movement to how I mouse on my system. I have a 23" monitor, and sometimes also an additional display, too. Thus, I like to be able to very quickly move from one point to another on my display. But also, sometimes I need not-so-quick movements when I try to zone in on a specific point on the screen (like selecting text, or clicking in tiny little checkboxes and radio buttons, for example).

I had problems configuring the mouse motion so that it would work well for both types of motion - especially the fine-tuned motions. I often overshoot what I am trying to select on my screen, and having to strain my hand to successfully select what I want is uncomfortable, too. I was wondering if the overshooting and all that is due to a too-low dpi resolution on the iGesture. From all the technical documentation I've seen on the product, I can't find any details on the dpi specs.

As an aside, I need to spend more time with the pad and the software and documentation to better tune it. I was kind of disappointed in it, but I have hope that if I spend more time on it, I can tune it better. I just wish it were easier and more intuitive to tune, instead of having to work through the confusing (to me) software interface, etc.
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Post by ivanw »

Hello ddineb2, This issue deserves more precision than I am going to display here because I am on something right know :wink:

The short answer about overshooting with FW devices use to talk about getting used to fingertips rolling rather than very small sliding adjustments. You can have real pixel resolution that way :!:

The long answer would talk about the technology that does not rely on sensor density. We have a very small number of capacitive sensors here. The resolution is the result of a complex - and interesting - interpolation of what comes out of from those that sense your fingers. There may be as few as two to four of them... That's really not a realistic number from which you can tell a DPI factor :shock:
I can give you some tracks to documents and threads later if you care to know more...
The idea is about how you start, hold and terminate your sliding. This will be analysed by the smart-built-in-acceleration processing that Westerman is proud of. Then getting proficient at finger-rolling to jump from one pixel to the next at the end.
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