Magic Trackpad settings

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Magic Trackpad settings

Post by pythagoras »

Great to see the forum back and upgraded!

For closest to iGesture Pad experience on Magic Trackpad, enable tap-to-click and 3-finger drag in the trackpad control panel.

Unchecking 4-finger Expose while scrolling is checked allows 4 finger vertical scroll.
Unchecking scrolling, zoom and rotate leaves 1 or 2 finger pointing, but have to give up scroll.

A terminal command can also move navigation swipes to 4 fingers if you prefer nav swipes to app-switcher/expose:

defaults write -bool YES

For supreme comfort with gel palm rests, or stabler resting on leg or couch, try this terminal command:

sudo defaults write ForceAutoOrientation YES

After a reconnect or restart, turning the trackpad around and touching 5 fingers will invert the coordinate system so it works slanted down. So long as 5 fingers touch after turning it will always match your hand placement.

A fun trick to impress your friends if nothing else!
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Re: Magic Trackpad settings

Post by TorbenGB »

Hey that ForceAutoOrientation sounds neat! It's also good to see that Apple is (slowly but finally) introducing new multitouch products that have the potential to replace the original FingerWorks inventions -- eventually. They're on the right track, it's just sad that it takes so long (and will probably only work on Mac).
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