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I'll be monitoring Lex Luthor's (aka Steve Jobs) keynote at MacWorld today. And if I don't see a FW keyboard.....ok, well it's not like I'm gonna do anything but someone will get a very terse speech i can tell you THAT!

In other News: my friends are tired of hearing my terse speeches.....*sigh*

UPDATE 12:26 CST US: no word about new keyboards yet but they are selling intel laptops starting TODAY!

UPDATE 1:14 CST US: the new laptop has "dual finger" sensing capability with a larger pad but no info yet on the technology used on the pad.

UPDATE 8:39am 1/11 CST US: I just finished watching the video of MWSF and he didn't mention at all the scrolling feature of the new Intel laptops which makes me think that there isn't anything new which makes me think there isn't anything of FW in it.....and so we again wait till till October for any word on what has happened to the most revolutionaly keyboard concept to date.

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