Missed the boat entirely

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Missed the boat entirely

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Dia dhuibh

I first heard about Fingerworks early this year when a friend bought a Touchstream Dvorak keyboard. It was the first time I'd ever heard of either Fingerworks or Dvorak and I immediately set out to learn about both. I suffer from tendonitis in my hands and arms which is aggravated by both keyboarding and mousing. Fairly recently, my problems started escalating again and I started saving up for a Touchstream, only to learn that they had been discontinued and the company folded. Cry! The gesturing technology sounded like exactly what I needed to solve my mousing issues! Even more cry for my friend - if her Touchstream ever packs up, she's SOL, and her RSI is very severe.

I've since found other alternatives and solved my keyboard and mouse problems, but I have been experimenting with Fingerworks' "Qwerak" layout and find it quite easy to use, a little easier for the muscles to remember than straight Dvorak, but with Dvorak's low-movement benefits. I type about 25 wpm Dvorak, 70 wpm Qwerty, and around 40 wpm Qwerak :shrug: Another fine gift from Fingerworks, lost to time and capitolism....

Thanks for setting up these forums and for keeping up to date on the FW news.
Is mise le meas
-==- Katzedecimal
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