Selling my Touchstream LP burgundy QWERTY on eBay

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Selling my Touchstream LP burgundy QWERTY on eBay

Post by bafarmer »

I am selling my burgundy Touchstream LP (QWERTY) on eBay: ... RK:MESE:IT

It is in perfect working condition and I have all of the original manuals and quick-guide cards. I also have the original CD. I nevery really got used to the Touchstream and eventually it fell into disuse. When I got a new desk, it went under the bed and I only recently pulled it out. I tested it tonight to make sure that everything works. I ran the diagnostic software and everything passed.

I am willing to ship anywhere in the world, provided the buyer will pay for the shipping cost. Since this is the first thing I have ever sold online, I am only accepting PayPal.

I hope it finds a good home. Feel free to post any questions here or on eBay.

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