Horizontal Scrolling and Mousing

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Horizontal Scrolling and Mousing

Post by jono »

It seems that with the latest incarnation of MyGesture, and the LP, that there is an option for 'Scroll Mouse Point' in right-hand 5 finger gesture... The icon for this gesutre has vertical and horizontal arrows. Of course, the 4 fingertip version of vertical scrolling feature only shows this icon with vertical arrows.

Clearly someone made two icons for a reason.

Is there a way to gesture horizontal scrolling? I cannot figure it out.


Also, can anyone figure out a way to right click and run the scroll wheel at the same time? I think that may be a limitation of the mousing model in the LP, but it seems very adaptable to clever gesturing. Short of making a left hand scroll gesture which I don't want to do because it's already pageup/down.

Useful for a Firefox plugin which zooms the moused-over image in and out on a webpage.
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