MacNTouch USB internal extension cable

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MacNTouch USB internal extension cable

Postby nomaded » 21 Sep 2005, 20:28

After a private message from Dan, I thought that it would be useful to bring this subject to the forums, and see if we can get any more info on the matter.

The silver MacNTouches, depending on which size PowerBook it was destined for, came with an internal flat/flex/ribbon USB extension cable that was used to get a clean/neat install in the 15" and 17" aluminum PowerBooks. I know I have a silver MacNTouch (that's installed in a 12" iBook) that didn't come with the extension.

I'm hoping to find some more info, or a source to get a similar type of USB extension cable. So far, I have been rather unsuccessful in googling for a source.

The cable seems to have a few different possible names to describe it. They ones I've discovered are: "flat ribbon", "flex ribbon", "flex circuit", "flexible conductor", or "flat conductor". An example of what this cable looks like can be found on page 8 of the install manual.

The extension cable was obviously custom made by FingerWorks. I haven't yet researched to see how difficult it would be to assemble such a cable from parts - nor do I know if this would be feasible cost-wise.

I hope someone can chime in with some info here.

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Postby ivanw » 21 Sep 2005, 22:01

No relevant information on my side, sorry, this post is just a side note to display how I appreciate the quality of all that comes from FingerWorks.
I did not know about this install manual, with its peach on page 7 and the screws inventory of the last page.

BTW have you made a copy before the FW site collapse :?:
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More Info

Postby Dan » 23 Sep 2005, 16:01

On the same note, if anyone has one, could you post measurements physical and electrial measurements?

It would help to make one if I knew it would physically fit and there weren't any impedenance matching problems or other strange things.
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Flex PCB

Postby Minox » 23 Feb 2007, 00:48

I made a new 3.5" cable for my macntouch by
hand... I could make one for you if need be.
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