The wiki is back online!

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The wiki is back online!

Postby TorbenGB » 18 Dec 2015, 23:28

The good news: The wiki is back online! 8) It's linked at the end of the forum start page, and it's also here:

The bad news: I'm an idiot. It's been offline for so long, yet all it took was fixing two lines in one config file. :roll: At some point in the past, I changed the web hosting to run under a different user, and so the hosted files got moved to that user's home path instead - and I should have edited the config file to reflect that change in path. D'oh! I just did, and now it works.

I'm heading to bed now...
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Re: The wiki is back online!

Postby Meesters » 19 Dec 2015, 13:35

Great thank you.
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