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Postby jmadison » 15 Jun 2007, 21:05

Time to answer my own question:

The problem was the Windows new device recognition. Basically, whenever I tried to transfer my new settings to the keyboard, it would start doing it, then Windows came up asking me to insert the driver disk. I kept dismissing that window (cancel) thinking that it didn't need a disk, and besides, I didn't have the disk. Finally, today I just let it do the "automatic" driver find, instead of canceling, and the utilities finished just like they should. So that's good!

I do have a funny side effect, though. After transferring the settings to my keyboard, I immediately got onto this forum to type up my success. Well, before I could finish the first sentence I discovered that the Y and Z keys were reversed in my Dvorak layout. I have had this trouble before, so I wasn't put off too much when it happened. I just went to the surface key editor and reversed the designations of Y and Z. Now everything's working fine.

So, thanks for listening in to my little issues.
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Postby ivanw » 16 Jun 2007, 00:42

I haven't replied to your query because I had no advise meaningful enough for a hint. But, like some others I believe, I was watching, just to make sure you would get some life signs sometime.

Luckily, you could correct you mistake all by yourselves. Now I recall that what you describe from Windows behavior the first time you plug a TS in is addressed by the installation procedure -- you have to let Windows do what it asks for and that's it.

- 8)
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Postby jmadison » 18 Jun 2007, 14:05

Yeah, Ivan,

I thought that was the case... not that no one was listening, but instead that no one knew the answer. Like you, I read every thread here so that I can learn things and offer advice if I have any. That's why I posted the solution... I figured that others were reading and would want to know.
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