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I don't really know much about the whole repair side of things, but since N means noisy and you can't even use your tablet because of interference, I wonder if you could take your mini to work, or to someone else's house and see if the problems go away. I noticed that the first diag you did had the noise on totally different rows than the second diag, and I also noticed that there were some spots with no N in some of the normally full (assuming bad chips) blocks in the sceond diag, which may suggest the chip is fine and just picking up a lot of interference. If taking it away from that interference doesn't help, then sending it to Minox may be your solution, assuming we can find a parts donor or reseating is all it needs, but if getting away from the AM towers makes the thing fully functional (you would need to run diagnostics while away), then you can probably save him and yourself some time because there may not be anything to fix.
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