Gloves for use with TouchStream

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Gloves for use with TouchStream

Postby goadeff » 22 Jan 2007, 15:48

Hi - I am interested in using thin fabric gloves with the TouchStream, both for warmth and ease of use (a bit of fabric slides easier across the touchpad than a bare finger). I've experimented with thin cotton and nylon gloves, but nothing seems thin enough except for nylon panty-hose material. My wife was wondering what the heck I was up to when I asked her for a pair of old hose, but I found that that material is perfect; thin enough to register touches, and would work well in a pair of stretchy close-fitting gloves.

But where could I find such a pair? Does anyone here know? All my web research comes up with are the thin cotton and nylon gloves that are typically used in electronics and photography handling, but they are not thin or close-fitting enough.

My wife suggested just stretching a panty knee-high over the whole keyboard, rather than wearing it on my hand, and that is something - I stretched it over both halves and cut a hole for the cord, and tied it off in a trimmed knot at one side. It provides protection for the keyboard, helps keep both halves together, and is a little more "slippier" that a bare keyboard.

I'm still interested in a pair of gloves, though, or at least finger cots made of the same type of material (mini knee-highs for the fingers - ha!). Any ideas where I could get 'em?
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Postby jmadison » 22 Jan 2007, 19:33

Hmmm... I never thought about actually having gloves on the fingertips while using the TS. I have a pair of brown cotton "jersey gloves" that I use every day to help keep my hands warm, but I have cut off the fingers so that I can use the TS.

Keep us posted if you find any good gloves.
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nylon is good at developing static charges

Postby nomaded » 23 Jan 2007, 02:41

I would be careful with using nylon with a TouchStream or iGesture device. Nylon seems to be able to develop a static charge on its surface pretty easily.

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Postby ivanw » 23 Jan 2007, 02:52

<img title="I agree!!!" src="">
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Postby goadeff » 24 Jan 2007, 04:13

I haven't noticed any static buildup problems with the fabric stretched across the whole keyboard. Maybe it would be different with a pair of gloves... I would still be interested in trying.
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