Logitech, shame on you

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Logitech, shame on you

Postby ivanw » 25 Nov 2006, 19:19

As not much happens currently on FW forum, I would submit something quite out of topic here. It has some distant relation with MyGesture Editor in some way. As an illustration of what a FingerWorks product could have been thanks to a flawed software.

As a plain peripheral addict, I could not resist to acquire "The world's most advanced mouse". Ok, this is how they call it at Logitech.

And it is something you can agree with indeed.

Yes - BUT - unlike FingerWorks, they had no Westerman for their software and it shows. Like FW as well, they offer a forum for their customers, but unlike FW, they just ignore any question you ask there. No resource for that! Customers can wait logi$ can't.

This is why I am pleased to introduce my last burst of anger against what can divert people from humanity in favour of higher cause.
$ You know that!

Setpoint mouse driver: Who is silencing Logitech support to this forum?

But hardware guys at Logitech are not the one to blame...
The making of the MX Revolution in Ireland (For those they can read a bit of french :wink: )

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Postby RAFH » 25 Nov 2006, 21:00

Unfortunately Ivan, it seems to be a common malady these days. From the manufacturers' point of view, it doesn't pay to support anything, in less than two years it will be obsolete anyway so there's no point in making it last any longer than that. Most cases, the user will tire of it and move on to something else in a year.

Its a transient, throw-away culture. Problem is they still want to price the crap as if its a long-term investment. If I bought an input device for $10 or even $20, I'd have no problem with it failing in a year or having no support. But they still want the big bucks.

I was really surprised recently, pleasantly in fact. My little Shuttle SN95G5 I built two years ago went bonk a couple of weeks ago. I tried to figure it out and came to the conclusion it was the video card. Sure enough when I called up the 24/7 tech support, they confirmed it was probably dead. When I mused, more to myself than anyone "what do I do now?" the tech replied automatically, "you send it in and we send you a new one". I nearly fell off my chair. This just stunned me, I have been in a several months long battle, not yet resolved, with HP regarding my relatively expensive HP 110 NR plotter (about $2500 cost including 3 year on-site service). HP has fought me every step of the way, challenging every fact or claim, disconnecting me, transferring me, ignoring me, and just plain refusing me. To have a tech just say "send it in and we will replace it" had nearly become an impossible concept in my mind.

The graphics card company is BFG, they include a life-time warranty and 24/7 tech service. They actually mean it and do honor it. So, there is hope for the world, precious little, but some is better than none.

By the way, after more than 30 years as a died in the wool consumer of HP products, I will never buy another. It may not be much, but its all I can do other than to advise all who ask to do the same. I imagine is the original Hewlett and Packard could, they would roll over in their graves.
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Postby ivanw » 25 Nov 2006, 22:09

If this is how it goes, I won't miss any opportunity to make people behind all this remember my grin when they see their life recap just before they die :twisted:

If they don't see how they are squashing the very same thing they are proud of, I owe them some of my wisdom :wink:

And I am starting to appreciate the feeling to be on the bright side. They may leave the dark side when the pain in the ass reaches a certain threshold. I am willing to take notes along the way, sort of ethnological survey that may result in something like this.
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