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Has anyone else had static buildup with packing material?

Posted: 06 Jan 2007, 14:09
by ccompbell107
I bought a touchstream online. The seller sold it believing it was working. When it arrived, it was dead. It was packed in bubble wrap (not the anti static variety though) and the rest of the box was filled with the peanuts that you can't get off your hands because of the static electricity. It was my thought that the packing material probably shorted out the keyboard. Does anyone else have a similar story or thought about this to corroborate this theory? Thanks

Posted: 07 Jan 2007, 07:27
That seems a stretch. I suppose it could happen but it would be a lot of co-incidences lining up.

If I end up owning it

Posted: 08 Jan 2007, 03:14
by ccompbell107
If I end up owning the keyboard, I'll take it apart and have the engineering company help me with the circuit board if repairable.
Thanks for your input