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iGesture with spurious keystrokes

Posted: 19 Apr 2014, 16:26
by David.P
Hi forum,

I already feared my beloved iGesture Pad was starting to die since it had developed spurious keystrokes quite heavily. Sometimes even the Backspace key gesture would get stuck and delete everyting in it's path until I managed to unplug the Pad. Cleaning the Pad didn't really help also.

Now I have changed to another iGesture Pad that had been sitting on the shelf. However, this one behaves exactly the same (and is in mint condition). Which means I get about the same frequency of spurious keystrokes with the new Pad as with the old.

Thus I suppose this is a phenomenon of static electricity in both cases (with both iGesture Pads).

Is there already any successful solutions like anti-static mats or the like? I suppose I would have to ground my body somehow since the pad itself surely must be grounded via the USB connection already.

Cheers David.P

Re: iGesture with spurious keystrokes

Posted: 20 Apr 2014, 14:16
by dongadoy
Check for other causes of interference in the area. I don't remember what else could interfere - maybe speakers, hard drives, bluetooth, wires.

I put a grounding wire right next to the keyboard and trained myself to touch it before touching the keyboard. But I still have occasional problems, and it's been especially bad for the last few weeks.

I have not found the anti-static mats to work for me. Now that I think of it, maybe the reason is my plastic chair, and movement in the chair generates static.

I lost two or three Touchstream LP keyboards to static electricity over the years. I also bought a spare keyboard - it's inevitable.

Re: iGesture with spurious keystrokes

Posted: 21 Apr 2014, 11:28
by The00Dustin
This sounds more like something caused by a new cell phone than by static electricity. Definitely take any and all static electricity prevention and elimination precautions to prevent damage to your fingerworks device, but in this particular case, you probably need to stop sitting something that uses a radio frequency so close to your fingerworks device. Cell phone is about all it could have been when these devices were made, but now there are mifi hotspots and laptops and tablets with cellular radios and who knows what else, check your environment and try to figure out when this started happening if my suggestion hasn' t already made it obvious what other device is actually causing your problem.

Re: iGesture with spurious keystrokes

Posted: 22 Apr 2014, 07:58
by David.P
OK thank you very much guys for your suggestions.

I have a full metal desktop microphone which I touch every time after sitting down and before doing anything else. This probably has saved me a couple of my iGesture Pads alone.

Regarding wireless stuff, I don't have any I am aware of at or near my desk -- with the exception of an old Microsoft wireless mouse. I'll remove that and then see how it goes.

Other than that; I feel that it should help a lot to constantly ground one's body one way or another. Possibly with a grounded metal strip going across the desk where you normally rest your wrists.

Re: iGesture with spurious keystrokes

Posted: 22 Apr 2014, 10:48
by The00Dustin
Hopefully it's the mouse, but do keep us up to date. Since it sounds like an environmental frequency to me, I'm afraid if it's not the mouse it will be something you can't control (new cell tower or power lines near your house?). I'd like to be wrong and see you find a solution, though. I may have had one half of one touchstream fail like that, but I don't remember for sure as it has been a long time. Regardless, I believe sensor tests failed on the touchstream. Have you run sensor tests? Also, if you still think it could be static, there are all sorts of static wrist straps available (Cisco hardware always comes with a temporary one, lots of electronics resellers offer permanent ones). Using one should keep you grounded even when you aren' t wresting your wrists, so maybe that's something to try. Presumably one full palm rest would be enough to absorb any static if you were grounded, but doing five to reset the device or unplugging and replugging still might be necessary sometimes.