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Some gestures stop!

PostPosted: 28 Jul 2006, 21:26
by SpiltMilk
Some of my gestures are confused since I installed my Touchstream (from the Fingerworks CD) on new PC.

The main gestures I use are using the right hand to cut, copy and paste but these now do other things.

CUT the (closing thumb/pinky) gesture now aligns text to the left.
(in this forum/Maxthon Browser it brings up an "Add to filter" box.)

PASTE in, say, FrontPage will insert hyperlink (ctrl+K)
(in this dialogue/browser works as Ctrl+shift+W (close all windows)).

Maybe there is a clash with some other software over which Fingerworks cannot take priority!

Other things like moving the cursor and selecting text on the left pad are okay.

A four finger scroll up/down works okay on the right pad. As does three finger copying..... I tried resetting to no avail. I seem to recall the same thing happened when I first got the keyboard a few years back and someone on the Fingerworks Forum corrected me.

I am using UK English on an American Dvorak layout on a UK Dell PC.

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2006, 00:49
by SpiltMilk
Just to say that I've now solved this.....