USB fail during transfer - reload firmware

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Re: USB fail during transfer - reload firmware

Postby ivanw » 10 Mar 2006, 20:53

screeeeeemin wrote:The Pad didn't operate (because the transfer was interrupted, so I learned)
The Pad wasn't "found" in the Gesture Editor or in System Diagnostics.
USB failure occurred DURING my transfer. I assumed the failure had PREVENTED the transfer.
All this is a well known demise of the USB I/O. Either because drivers do not comply with specifications or because hardware power requirements are not within tolerances. And both these discrepancies may come from both the usb port side or from the device side.

I hope that this won't discourage you to play with the editor. After all, now you know how to revive the beast. :wink:
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Postby thenn » 10 Mar 2006, 20:55

Must have been a traumatic experience, glad to hear everything came out ok.
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Postby Rqyteqto » 10 Mar 2006, 21:47

Traumatic experience? Are you kidding, I would have had a heart attack. I freak out when it doesn't respond to the scroll gesture when I don't realize its at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, yes, thanks for the post. One more bit of behaviour described and especially how it was dealt with. That's what makes this website so valuable.

What would be a nice addition to the wiki would be a trouble shooting guide with branching options as to symptom diagnosis and potential strategies for getting back in service.

Sounds like an excellent job for myself. As soon as I have some time. Any suggestions are welcome, just PM me.
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Postby jmadison » 13 Mar 2006, 15:16


I am also a cad user... everyday at work I use SolidWorks and AutoCAD. I would like to know what software, and what gestures you use for your daily work. Maybe you have some suggestions that could help me. Of course, I'll type up my experiences too. But, this is perhaps better done in the Mousing/Gesturing section of the forum.

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Postby Rqyteqto » 13 Mar 2006, 19:19

Seems like we have lots of CAD users in here. Me too.

I am an architect and just use vanilla AutoCAD, 2006. Over the years I've adopted some of AutoCADs more interesting features into a system for using 3D modeling in both design and documentation. I start in using 3D modeling from the very beginning of a project, the reliable old bubble diagrams become actual 3D bubbles for me. Eventually the bubbles become a full 3D model which I take to a great deal of detail: nuts, bolts and washers. That's all fairly straightforward, the real key is using the paper space/model space system, clipping planes and layer state manipulation to use the model directly in documentation. The best simile of the process would be taking pictures of the model and then notating them. The clipping planes are used to effectively cut sections through the models to reveal floor plans (horizontal sections) or elevation and building sections (vertical sections). While the initial input is a bit more time consuming, because its a lot of fun, the time goes by quickly. Once the model is built, the savings in time is substantial.

At this point, I really don't have any special gestures, I just haven't had the time to develop them.
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