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wonky left pad on Touchstream LP

Posted: 30 Aug 2012, 04:07
by hberg32
Has anyone run into a situation where the diagnostics say that all sensors are working and regular typing is fine but doing a multi-finger gesture on the left pad causes it to go nuts? I'm rather puzzled by this. I can type away just fine but if I drop 4 fingers on the left side to do a shift/alt/ctrl or start doing two or three fingered text manipulation the left panel will either reset itself or stop responding. Sometimes the diagnostics will then list some of the left sensors as noisy, but the vast majority of the time the diagnostics pass perfectly. Is that crazy or what?

On the theory that the onboard software could be malfunctioning when interpreting multi-finger gestures I tried re-applying the firmware but this didn't seem to help. I've also cleaned the surface in case something might be causing bogus readings.


Re: wonky left pad on Touchstream LP

Posted: 01 Sep 2012, 11:17
by TorbenGB
Hi Henry!
You have already ruled out a messed-up configuration, and dirt. Good!

I haven't experienced what you describe, but I think it could be static electricity - though I can't really explain why it would only affect one half of the device. Try doing a flat-palm gesture once on both halves before you start gesturing, to rule out static.

You say the diagnostics are all good most of the time. In the cases when the diagnostics show errors, is it always the same sensors that are affected?
Are you moving the device around a lot; could the left half have been bumped hard, or perhaps the middle connector cable slightly pulled?

Re: wonky left pad on Touchstream LP

Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 18:49
by petercooperjr
In my experience, problems on the left half are almost always due to the middle ribbon cable. I'd recommend trying to replace it if the unit is becoming basically unusable. The ribbon cable part number is DigiKey HF26U-03-ND. Might be completely unrelated to your problem, of course, but it's what I'd try.