Learning and rewards

Comments specifically about ergonomics of the FW products (vs. others).

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Learning and rewards

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My part of the story:
I needed to stumble upon this keyboard which has lost all its keys to come up with a smart way to solve something I always considered one of my major weaknesses. It got me the first time I saw a really proficient touch-typist secretary (pleonasm!). I realized that, despite the fact that I had to use the keyboard everyday doing what I am payed for, I used it as a jackass!

I had to endure this threat against my pride for many many years. This Fingerworks device was exactly what I needed to seamlessly circumvent the whole thing... In fact I believed this for a while. Later, I realized that this belief acted as a decoy. That it made me willing to spend the very effort I was reluctant to consider.

It means that I had to work to accomplish something like playing with a keyboard like if it were a musical instrument. I mean that because I know about it from learning classic guitar. There I knew that I would have some hard time along the way but I also knew that music was worth enough as a reward. Now I don't cheat with myself anymore. I don't need that because I'm amazed of what I have accomplished. Yet I am not typing like the person who impressed me years ago, I would never have thought I could type 60wpm (sometimes).

Well this is all good but I don't write this message to praise myself. What I would like is to hear from people in this forum about what they have to say about their expectations and whether they led to success or failure and how they handled the hunt.

More testimonials:
It's now a little more than six months I have a TS with me (/against me). Could those who have the beast for more than this tell what may be expected after a few years of heavy usage/training?

Did you have to invent some specific obscenity during this relationship? Did it disappoint you in some way? Image
Or may be, the other way around, are there some gliding times resulting from hardly gained connivance? Image

Please tell us all...
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