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Re: Having problems, too

Postby TorbenGB » 05 Jul 2007, 07:58

optimist1125 wrote:could the problem involve a different type of torque being created because of gesturing?

I'm not affected by RSI (yet...!) and not an ergonomist, but I switch back and forth between a regular keyboard (for speed) and a TSLP/MacNTouch (for comfort). I keep noticing that the FW units tire my hands and fingers more, and in different ways, because all the gesturing is very finger-intensive. It's a different muscle work because it's not the keypress force but the gesture motions that are tiring. Perhaps it's because I never float my wrists, and that might make the sensation worse/clearer, but if I do float my wrists then my hands drift and I type too much nonsense. So it's a tradeoff in so many ways. And I'm not even one to type at record speeds.
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