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"Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2015, 17:58
by David.P
Hi forum,

I already use certain keyboard keys to transfer information from the IGesture Pad to Windows applications, especially to Autohotkey, in order to trigger certain Windows actions by certain gestures. For example, I use the IGesture Pad to send "Pause" or "PrintScreen" keys when I carry out certain gestures on the pad, in order to trigger certain gesture audio feedback sounds in Windows, via Autohotkey.

At the moment however, I sort of run out of spare keys (that are not really used in Windows) in order to trigger even more actions.

I tried F13, F14 and F15, which are all available in the Fingerworks Gesture Editor as possible actions on a gesture, and which are not physically available on my keyboard.


However it seems that Windows doesn't recognize these keys for some reason (tested with the Autohotkey Spy which can show all physical and virtual keystrokes that are happening on the system).

Therefore, if anyone has ideas for more keys that are a) usually not used in Windows, and that b) are available as possible actions in theFingerworks Gesture Editor, I'd be happy to know.

ScrollLock: works, is recognized by AHK
BaseBoost, Record, MacPowerDown: not recognized by AHK
Some of the media control keys like Stop_Media, Next/Previous etc. seem to work also for information transfer to Autohotkey, and don't seem to introduce unwanted side effects

Re: "Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2015, 18:57
by ivanw
Hi David, if you run out of keys, you can work with key sequences.

I mean you map some available keystroke in AutoHotkey that would not trigger anything on its own but would tell it to Input() the next one for a "special" treatment ... with a timeout if necessary ... and some SoundBeep, 90, 100 or SoundPlay, Guepard.mp3 for feedbacks about the handling ;)

If you're not afraid by piles of exploratory code, I have 29542 AutoHotkey lines to share :lol:

Re: "Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2015, 19:14
by David.P
Hi Ivan and thanks for the reply.

If I get you right, I think that this is a great idea which should make the team of Fingerworks hardware and Autohotkey infinitely extendable...

Kind of like, I make the I gesture Pad send a key sequence like "x3F&8" on a certain gesture, and my Autohotkey script contains a section like this:

Code: Select all
SoundPlay, Guepard.wav

Is that the approach you are referring to?

Re: "Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2015, 21:01
by ivanw
Exactly, I'm sure you can manage from there! My AutoHotkey experience let me do things I would't have expected. Some online on AutoHotkey forums: HID Profiler - Wheel, Joystik, HOTAS

Re: "Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 06 Nov 2017, 10:28
by David.P
Sorry Ivan that I did not come back to you earlier :o

Somehow I seem to have missed the forum notification...

While I have not yet implemented this approach, I surely will do so because the current hotkeys that I am using (like PrintScreen and Pause) keep having side effects at times.

Thank you

Re: "Spare" (unused) keys to use for information transfer

PostPosted: 17 Jan 2019, 17:35
by David.P
Hi Ivan are you still there?

I have now finally tried this approach, but if I use something like:

Code: Select all
SoundPlay, Guepard.wav

...then I first get x3F typed on the screen, then it is erased, and only then the sound is played.

Therefore, I'm not sure whether using hotstrings like these will work for making the iGesture Pad do things via Autohotkey?