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Absolute mode

Posted: 13 Apr 2006, 14:27
by jm duchenne

I've bought a iGesture pad last year but actually don't use it because I need it to work in absolute mode instead of mouse mode.

I remember that someone has written that it might be possible, but I don't remember where, perhaps on the previous FW forum...

Does anybody knows if there is a chance to be possible ?

Even the possibility to define small absolute zones to send keystrokes would be useful, but I'm not a programmer.

This pad is (was) certainly a good product, but has no interest for me in relative mode (audio softwares and plugins control). I have payed a lot for it (shippment to France + taxes !) but perhaps I can sell it if there is no hope :( ?

Thanks !

Posted: 13 Apr 2006, 20:27
by ivanw
There is a technical solution alright. You can see something working that way in the SDK part of the software package.:

Code: Select all

C:\program files\FingerWorks\sdk\FWHID_Hand Tracking\examples\contacts\contact_example.exe
C:\program files\FingerWorks\sdk\FWHID_Hand Tracking\examples\paths\path_example.exe
I could capture these screenshots from those two programs:
Image Image
This is FingerWorks Hand Tracking SDK. I could not be successful with a quick try. This may be useful for someone comfortable with Windows development. As one of the Unix/Java kind, I experienced some missing library burden.

I would have liked being able to play at this level of interaction with the device. You can see exactly what you are looking for illustrated by the contact_example.exe demo.

I wanted to make it a Java based application but I could not manage with the SDK...
Anyone could comment on that :?:

Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 09:35
by jm duchenne
Astonishing !!!
I can't believe that this has not been widely shown and exploited ?

I supposed that something like this was made internally to be able to do gestures...
The contact example is EXACTLY what I've hoped to find when buying the iGesture, and is also exactly what we can see in the multitouch demo videos.
The iGesture CAN do it... but if I understand well there is actually no way to use it ?
It's really a shame.
It could be the ultimate controller for realtime audio/video.

So I will keep mine, and pray that some programmer will have the time / knowledge to make something (HID controller ?)...

Thanks for the answer !

Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 10:40
by ivanw
Well, this is not as unlikely as it seems... Maybe we can do something!

All I need is the good will from someone familiar with Windows development environment to give a hand for some diagnostics on whether we have the required libraries to recompile the example programs or not... And some other burden of the same kind... :roll:

As you can see in Acknowledgements at the bottom of the following index page, they are all from Wayne Westerman who took the time to document them thoroughly in there:

Code: Select all

C:\program files\FingerWorks\sdk\FWHID_Hand Tracking\docs\html\index.html
:idea: You won't need to nudge hard to get me involved into all kinds of software gadgets based on MultiTouch technology and gestures. :!:

As a Unix biased bloke, I am tight with the oath to never get involved into Windows development - as in "do no harm to computers"... I'll have to deal with betrayal, but I can start getting prepared to this for the sake of a good cause...

:twisted: You see, I would spoil my after-life because of Billy to get more fun with Wayne in the mean time :P

:?: Anyone to look into the Windows SKD :?:

Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 14:44
by jmadison
Okay ivanw,

THAT CONTACT THING IS FREAKIN' COOL! Thanks for showing us that. I've never poked around in the FingerWorks software directory to find other applications that I could run. Wow! I love it. One question, though: How does one "exit" the program? I'm using 1280x800 resolution on my wide-screen laptop and the program kinda takes over.


Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 15:27
by ivanw
jmadison wrote:One question, though: How does one "exit" the program?
8) Just hit Q ( in Quit)

Ok, now you owe me one because you could not miss an easier way to exit an interactive graphic program...

Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 21:35
by Rqyteqto
ivanw, have no fear for your afterlife, any, even the least, good done for FW technology will more than cancel out any demerits incurred for working with/on Windows. Its the principle of the greater good and anything that coolacizes FW products more than they already are is more than just cause for sainthood or whatever nomenclature your particular belief system annoints their holiest with.

Unfortunately, in mine (or lack thereof), there are no such annointments or titles. However I would still consider you to be a really swell guy, a gentleman and a scholar even. Then again, I already do.

Posted: 15 Apr 2006, 12:29
by ivanw
This is how we should talk to each other, and, as all of us do, I am found of congratulation. Yet, I am still able to see you :P behind your monitor!

Well, I am ready to jump but I won't do that alone! As far as I can tell, jm would like to use an igesture pad as an input device to control positionable parameters like these: :arrow: If someone has anything about this, it could help in deciding whether it is a good idea or not, something like:
:? No, this is useless
8) Here is something far better
:oops: Shame on you
:idea: ...
:?: Does anyone else may speak about some additional motivation for absolute mode positioning?
:!: And, as a priority, is there any pilot in the plane who could, make the sensible evaluation this Windows SDK?

I am going to keep the remaining smileys for this afternoon