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Multimedia gestures

Post by isaacs »

Hey I tried to find it on the fingerworks forum but couldn't make it work. What are the multimedia gestures for the touchstream?
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Post by ivanw »

Look at the ASCII table... You still can't find any mention of start, stop or volume +/- :wink: , despite all these attempts from Logitech or Microsoft marketing genius to add them to the alphabet. This said, I am pretty sure we will have keys for everything on future keyboards.

Hey, just notice that you can make much better than that with customization... Should you have your wifi-shower online, all you have to do to control it from your chair is to prepare some shortcut-key-sequence for some listening piece of software you installed from the shower's CD 8)

More seriously, it's up to you to set up your gesture->key-sequence-> Media-player-action. Keyboard manufacturers are just dealers who are doing everything they can to maintain their customer addiction with the multimedia wave.

With this device, we have something so much smarter than all these gadgets :!: All you have to do is getting comfortable with Mygesture Editor and you can have you computer do whatever you want with your fingers. Don't expect that from the next astounding keyboards from Logitech :!:

The Touchstream keyboard is a mistake. Just an accident in the story of computer input devices. It is way too complicated to satisfy average customer requirements. This is not a problem when you are a programmer as you learned how to jump over most of the traps waiting for you when using a program like this editor.

As for what are the multimedia gestures for the touchstream, the short answer is: none from factory defaults.
Then I would add - any gesture you want!

- There are comments on this topic in in this post from the Fingerworks Support Forum archive.
- Technical specs from Microsoft are here: Keyboard Scan Code Specification.doc

If you could use some help, just ask for suggestions, I am sure we will cover a few pages on the discussion.

...I remapped Left 5 Fingers rotations and sliding (Adobe Zoom):

Code: Select all

<ChordTemplate macro_name="Adobe Zoom" icon_name="T4FS.gif" lib="user" speed_param_ref="Coarse Command Sensitivity">
 <GestureCategories list=" desktop_nav photoshop_views" />
 <Slide macro_name="Expand Hand  {in Adobe Zoom}" axes_template_ref="Expand Hand">
  <MacroRefEvent macro_ref="Photoshop Zoom In" />
 <Slide macro_name="Contract Hand  {in Adobe Zoom}" axes_template_ref="Contract Hand">
  <MacroRefEvent macro_ref="Photoshop Zoom Out" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Rotate Hand Clockwise">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="VolumeUp" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Rotate Hand Counter-Clockwise">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="VolumeDown" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Move Down" oneShot="true" speed_param_ref="Palm Gesture Sensitivity">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="Mute" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Move Left" oneShot="true" speed_param_ref="Palm Gesture Sensitivity">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="PreviousTrack" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Move Right" oneShot="true" speed_param_ref="Palm Gesture Sensitivity">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="NextTrack" />
 <Slide lib="user" axes_template_ref="Move Down-Left (SouthWest)" oneShot="true" speed_param_ref="Palm Gesture Sensitivity">
  <KeyEvent keyCode="Play/Pause" />
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