Maximal TouchStream Use

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Maximal TouchStream Use

Post by nrrinard »

I just found this forum, which is great because otherwise I'd be SOL regarding my keyboard.

I'd like to have a discussion about how to use a TouchStream to its maximum. I use the gesture editor a lot to add a lot of customizations. I'm going to mention my favorite customizations here, and please if you have some more great ideas I'd be keen to hear them.

I'm using my TS with a PowerBook running OS X 10.3.

First of all I'm a computer programmer so I have the programmer's keys turned on, which means I do a gesure on my left hand and my right hand fingers type common, useful programming characters. I also use this when I am typing normally and need a dash, or a plus sign, or parentheses.

I also have some of my right-hand numrals keyed to output lengthy snippets of code. So, when I do gesture-7, or whatever number, the keyboard spits out (for instance) a printout statement, and puts the cursor at the place in the printout statement where I'd want to type text. That has saved me a lot of trouble and I regularly add new shortcuts as I think of new phrases I type a lot.

I have also added a number of gestures to make interacting with my computer easier. You know you the gesture to minimize a window? Thumb-middle-index-pinky slide down? Well for some reason the same gesture going upward was defaulted to something I didn't use very often, so I made the slide up rotate application windows (Command-tilde). That's a good one, i recommend that. I also have those fingers set to bring up LaunchBar with a tap, so I can trivially tap my fingers and bring up LaunchBar.

I added volume up, down and mute keys under the NumLock key, in that empty space. I rekeyed Print Screen and Pause Break to monitor brightness keys.

I really want to come up with some intuitive gestures to control Exposé, you know? I wanted to do that with my left hand but for some reason left hand gestures have fewer options than right hand gestures. I'd also like to use two-handed gestures more regularly and efficiently.


PS I really love the idea of XWinder but I had to turn it off because it would -- all the time -- start messing with windows when I hadn't (intentionally) done the XWinder gesture. Can I make it less sensitive or something?
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Post by Msquared »

Activating some of the additional gesture sets can be done under the "Gesture Sets" tab of the global features. There are so many available!

I enabled the desktop and tool selection set and the onehanded xwinder chords. I use the right xwinder to grab and move a window. Very nifty. There are also pengrip drawing gestures. I use those to resize a window.

Experiment and explore! Also, check out the relevant fora on They are read-only, but many people have posted useful gesture sets there...
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