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text cursor gestures not working on TouchStream?

Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 22:10
by moof

I can't seem to get the arrow gestures to work at all on my touchstream. I also have an iGesture pad where they work fine, so I know I'm doing the gestures correctly. Any ideas?


Posted: 12 Jul 2005, 23:40
by The00Dustin
I have been lead to believe (from soe previous posts) that the iGesture pad uses one finger for cursor tracking (arrows). However, on the TouchStream LP, the left pad is used, and it takes two fingers (like mousing on the right side), hope that helps...

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 17:01
by moof
Actually, I use two fingers for arrows on the iGesture, but they don't work at all on the TouchStream. I've tried both left and right handed. Anyone else with a TouchStream use the arrow gestures? They're printed on the gesture cheat sheet that comes with the keyboard.

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 20:04
by nomaded
On the TouchStreams, the text cursor is controlled by moving with 2 adjacent fingers, on the lefthand side of the keyboard. This is the default behavior.

Posted: 13 Jul 2005, 21:02
by moof
Well, it doesn't work for me.. I guess I'll try messing around with the gesture editor more.