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What's your typing speed?

Posted: 21 May 2005, 13:12
by TorbenGB
On the old forum, there was a thread about people's typing speeds. Let's resume that measurement here:
1) Go to and complete the test called "English sentences, 2 min." (or your own language, if present). Do a few practise runs if you like.
2) Post your results to this topic.

Torben Gundtofte-Bruun

Posted: 21 May 2005, 13:14
by TorbenGB
English words, 1 minute:
227 kpm / 45 wpm on Danish QWERTY on TouchStream
200 kpm / 40 wpm on Danish QWERTY on regular keyboard

English sentences, 2 minutes:
206 kpm / 41 wpm on Danish QWERTY on TouchStream
275 kpm / 54 wpm on Danish QWERTY on regular keyboard

These numbers were my results in March 2005, after 1½ months of TS typing. Over a few days, I can see that my speeds vary quite a bit, anywhere between 180 cpm and 230 cpm.

My results

Posted: 28 May 2005, 20:42
by buster_lo
264 keys per minute (52 WPM) on Silver Dvorak touchstream.

I will note that my typing score and accuracy have gone up quite a bit since I added negative tilt to my TS. bought an adjustable "Podium Pad" laptop stand and perched my TS on it with the padded wrist rests raised about two inches and the top of the board down at table level. The TS is much, much easier to use in this setup, at least to me. Before I added the tilt I was suffering a bit of wrist pain and makinp quite a few errors, despite having used the TS for several months.

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 18:34
by The Juggler
English sentences, 2 minutes:

Up to 100wpm on a Microsoft Natural (uk) Qwerty
Up to 70wpm on a modified Dvorak TouchStream

Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 00:19
by Will
On a normal keyboard I used to write up to 50-60 words a minute.
Until about a week, I got only up to ca. 20 wpm on my TS. But in the past few days, I somehow assimilated to the flat-surface typing and get up to 35 wpm now. I still misstype the letters rather often, but anyhow it's not a struggle anymore like it was before. The most often typos I do are "`" instead of "a", "n" instead of "s", "s" instead of "-" and "r" instead of "l".

I have a DVORAK TS for about 9 months.


Posted: 05 Jul 2005, 06:38
by phill
Three days on Dvorak and I'm at 7 words per-minute, touch typing.