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request for a default XML file from a iGesture NumPad

Posted: 17 Oct 2005, 22:51
by advisor

If there is anybody out there with an iGesture NumPad, I would really appreciate some help. Load up your MultiTouch Utilities, then configure your NumPad for default factory settings, and then hit save customizations. This should create an XML file. If you could post the XML file that you get from that process, it might help me figure out some of the differences between the iGesture and iGesture NumPad default XML file. Thanks.

Posted: 20 Oct 2005, 09:27
by barbara
Nothing much to it.......the default numpad xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE MTS_config>
<MTS_config MTS_config_version="1.60" min_firmware_version="1.46">
<RequireLib name="FW_main" />
<MacroLibrary />
<UserOptions driverContext=" win qwerty" layoutContext=" numlock" enable_pinky_gamebutton="true" tap_timeout_ms="512" typematic_hold_ms="640">
<EnabledRighthandGestures list=" scroll_mouse fivefinger_mouse clipboard_op file_op window_op text_nav pengrip_op tap_range_chord weird_chords search_edit" />
<EnabledLefthandGestures list="" />
<EnabledBimanualGestures list="" />

thanks! need another little piece of information

Posted: 20 Oct 2005, 18:30
by advisor
Hi Barbara,

Thank you for that file. I would like one more piece of information, if possible. If you choose to perform a "default" firmware upgrade on your NumPad, it should upload a series of files to it. The names of the files should be at the bottom of the window showing the update. For example, each time I try to reflash my iGesture, it says that it first loads fivPad.U.byt, then fivPadGold.U.byt then konfig1c840fivpad.U.byt. If you would be willing to, please perform a default firmware upgrade on your device and write down what files the utility transfers to your NumPad. Thanks!


Posted: 21 Oct 2005, 06:42
by barbara
I performed the default (v1.6) upgrade 3 times to check that I missed nothing....and ony 2 files get uploaded:



Hope this helps,

it does indeed... thank you very much

Posted: 22 Oct 2005, 06:10
by advisor
As you might surmise, I'm now going around trying to see if I can load a NumPad firmware onto a regular iGesture... should be an interestin experiment. Thanks again.