Auto-Swapping Left and Right Buttons

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Auto-Swapping Left and Right Buttons

Postby petekrueger » 03 Jun 2005, 17:02

I'm using an iGesture and enabled Thumb/Index/Pinky clicking outside of Game Mode. It has been semi-randomly swapping the functionality of the index and pinky fingers. It seems to be coordinated somehow when I go back and forth between a 3-finger drag and thumb/index/pinky clicking.

I've found the way to reset this, which is to basically execute any recognized tapping gesture (like the XWinder tap command), but it's still annoying to drop your index finger and get the right-click popup menu.

Anybody also had this problem and know what is triggering the switch, so I can avoid doing it?

Thanks in advance
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Postby TorbenGB » 04 Jun 2005, 12:30

Perhaps the pad gets confused about which fingers are on the pad because of your finger placement and/or hand size?
About hand size, there's a sider in the software to adjust if you've size "Jordan" or "baby" hands... that might help.
About which fingers, are you keeping a relaxed "stance" with the fingers slightly apart? If you're holding them tightly together, the pad might not recognize them correctly as two fingers.
I've no other thoughts at this time, but it's a start.
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