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Magic Trackpad settings

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2010, 03:48
by pythagoras
Great to see the forum back and upgraded!

For closest to iGesture Pad experience on Magic Trackpad, enable tap-to-click and 3-finger drag in the trackpad control panel.

Unchecking 4-finger Expose while scrolling is checked allows 4 finger vertical scroll.
Unchecking scrolling, zoom and rotate leaves 1 or 2 finger pointing, but have to give up scroll.

A terminal command can also move navigation swipes to 4 fingers if you prefer nav swipes to app-switcher/expose:

defaults write -bool YES

For supreme comfort with gel palm rests, or stabler resting on leg or couch, try this terminal command:

sudo defaults write ForceAutoOrientation YES

After a reconnect or restart, turning the trackpad around and touching 5 fingers will invert the coordinate system so it works slanted down. So long as 5 fingers touch after turning it will always match your hand placement.

A fun trick to impress your friends if nothing else!

Re: Magic Trackpad settings

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2011, 10:40
by TorbenGB
Hey that ForceAutoOrientation sounds neat! It's also good to see that Apple is (slowly but finally) introducing new multitouch products that have the potential to replace the original FingerWorks inventions -- eventually. They're on the right track, it's just sad that it takes so long (and will probably only work on Mac).