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Ack! stuck in firmware upgrade mode (totally unresponsive)

Posted: 03 Aug 2005, 23:20
by springerspandrel
I initially got the FW basic black iGesture working on my OS X Mac, and it seemed promising... But I was unhappy with the Ctrl-this Ctrl-that keyboard emulation for gestures, so I went to the MyGesture Editor to change the OS Compatibility, and followed prompts to upgrade firmware (after simple "save" commands only saved a file that never became the active driver).

The upgrade gave me a quick progress bar and "0 seconds for gesture processor to reboot" across bottom of window, but then a "sorry" alert that claims the device "may not have" reset, that I should replug... which I did, and did, and did, restarted and redid... to no avail.

MultiTouch Diagnostics show that the device is "stuck in firmware upgrade mode" and that I should replug. And I've replugged and replugged, and still the thing has not reset, and is totally unresponsive. The diagnostics suggest that I may have to "reapply the last upgrade". When I try to do apply the default upgrade, I get an "Unexpected Pad Processor Version 0x10" alert, unless I specify my custom .byt file, in which case the firmware overwrite seems to proceed, but then I'm back in the same loop.

I was happy to find this forum, but disappointed not to see anyone else having worked through this problem... Any ideas?

Posted: 04 Aug 2005, 00:00
by moof
Have you tried other USB ports?

OK, *that* problem is fixed...

Posted: 04 Aug 2005, 04:45
by springerspandrel
Ah, solved my own problem in the meantime. Thanks for the reply, though it turned not to be a matter of which USB port I used, though I played with that quite a bit. Basically, I resorted to a fresh install of all the Fingerworks software, with a restart, and then *was* able to update the driver so that it reset at the end, all of which I did this time *before* choosing the Mac compatibility. Then, I used the Terminal command approach to getting the gestures interpreted in a Maclike way.

I still have the problem that I have the mac map my keystrokes to Dvorak (it's not a hardware dvorak keyboard, which I have never seen any need for), and the iGesture gets heard as sending cmd-R for the gesture that should send cmd-O, etc. I wish that it just let us say what keystrokes should go with each gesture, rather than which "command". But I suppose this way is more intuitive for Qwerty folks (or hardwired dvorak buyers) who don't think in terms of keyboard shortcuts. At any rate, this might be the subject for another posting...

Hotkey De-Scrambling for non-US Qwerty OS Input Locales

Posted: 04 Aug 2005, 05:46
by The00Dustin
Users of the French(Azerty), German(Qwertz), and US(Dvorak) operating system Input Locales may notice that their gestures are producing the wrong hotkeys for some commands. Selecting the appropriate locale in the Device->Descramble Hotkeys for Input Locale menu automatically compensates all gesture hotkeys for OS locale translation. This feature is only for:
Customers using French and German key layouts, for whom a few (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y) gesture hotkeys get scrambled since their OS expects Azerty/Qwertz key printing.
Dvorak typists who, rather than use the TouchStream's internal Dvorak mapping via the Typing page of the Feature Selector, use their Operating System's Qwerty->Dvorak translation. (This method is often used by customers with a mechanical keyboard that needs to behave as Dvorak alongside their iGesture or TouchStream).
All others should keep the default Input Locales menu selection of US English (Qwerty). Those making a non-default locale selection must also do the following:
Make sure Qwerty is the selected Key Layout on the Feature Selector's Typing Page.
Make sure the locale/layout settings in Windows Start->Settings->Control Panel->Keyboard->Input Locales or the equivalent MacOS X or Linux control panel match their 'Input Locales' menu selection.
Always "Transfer to... device' after changing your 'Input Locales' menu selection.
Note that for now, this de-scrambling feature works only for gesture hotkeys and key event macros, not 'text' macros and messages. Note that the locale menu setting is remembered across editor sessions within one PC, but not actually stored in the XML Customization files.


Posted: 05 Aug 2005, 15:32
by springerspandrel
The Device > Descramble menu item was just the thing I needed! Thanks...