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Vim Gesture Sets

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2005, 21:46
by ivanw
(...this is a rebuild of one of my vanished old posts)
Image ...what about starting the endless task of building a nice Vim Gesture Set :?:

I am a very new TS user, but it is not the case with ed!/vi/vim. These tools helped me survive for more than 20 years.
For this kind of goal, good style suggestions have to be used to come up with something that may be useful to more than the author.

I will post my configuration XML files even at their early stage just as a seed for critics/improvements/demolition.
:idea: 1 - For the moment, my inputs will be limited to emphasize the use of libraries (as does MyGesture manual). This should provide for a kind of pluggable behaviors one can take or leave.
:idea: 2 - The Wiki Download area should be a good place to put shared configuration (zipped) bundles.

We may also revive ideas from these old thread :
:arrow: Fingerworks Support Forums > Application Gesture Sets > Programmers' Editors > VIM Gesture Suggestions
:arrow: Fingerworks Support Forums > General Usage > Mousing and Gesturing > Default gesture set turns on you - seek consistency