developed repetive injury from using igesture mini keyboard

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developed repetive injury from using igesture mini keyboard

Post by ncc1701d »

I have been using my igesture mini keyboard for year. I am developing a problem. While using it as mouse (lots of dragging) my finger tips are getting raw like. Like nerves ending on tips getting worn down. It stings now to drag my fingers on it.
anyone else have this problem and solve it?
i tryed tape on ends and that helped little but not much?
any ideas ,?

its a bumber my wrist tendonitous went away and now this.

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Post by jmadison »

I have had a similar problem with my TouchStream keyboard. But, for me, I think it is dependant on the weather. If the weather is relatively dry, and my fingertips can stay dry, I can easily glide over the surface of the keyboard. But, especially on very humid days, my fingers will tend to stick and rub rather than glide gently. I do a lot of CAD work, so there is a whole lot of mousing also.

I've read on the forums of people using a light dusting of talcum powder to help keep the surface dry. I haven't tried that myself, but I do notice the surface does get more sticky when it needs cleaning.

Also, do you mouse with both hands? Because of my wrist/forearm RSI, I have set up the "Swap Hands" gesture and mapped it to an unmarked button location on my TS. If you're not swapping hands periodically during the day, I'd highly recommend investing the time to learn to use your 'wrong' hand. It may take a little learning, but it will definitely cut your finger rub time in half.

So, that's my 1/50th of a dollar.
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