How to only get raw input from Touchstream?

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How to only get raw input from Touchstream?

Post by ryansupak »


I've got a Touchstream and OSX 10.3 -- and I'd like to configure the Touchstream in such a way that it does not attempt to act as a mouse or keyboard.

Instead, I only want it to input raw HID data. I'm handling this data elsewhere.

Thanks for any insight!

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Post by JerryKnight »

That's precisely what the SDKs are for. The utilities should have come with the SDKs, but I don't think there's much documentation for them.

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Post by rscheuermann »

I've been looking at and experimenting with the SDK, and find it pretty well documented and functional.

The path API is the most "raw" they provide.
C:\Program Files\FingerWorks\sdk\FWHID_HandTracking\examples\paths\path_example.cpp

This example uses the path API for a "finger painting" app that grabs the finger positions and outputs their motion graphically.

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