A good complement: The MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

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A good complement: The MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard

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Taking back from where I left in the TypeMatrix 2030 alternative discussion I want to share what comes out from my urge to replace my old MS first generation Ergonomic keyboard. I still have the TypeMatrix and I like its unique features but this has nothing to do with it. And yes my TouchStream still works fine, otherwise I would be crying rather than split hairs like I am going to do...

I have used this last version Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for two weeks now and I must say that I have not been disappointed when I unpacked this keyboard. It is as good as it seems to be from advertising. This is true to the point where you think that it is pity that this is made of plastic. You can't give any value to something that is made of plastic and this thing deserves more than that ! It has shapes, standard keyboards have everything else... light, LCD, colors, whatever. It has some of these metallic feature keys to please the customer and I happen to like their customizable actions. It is a funny feeling to install some hardware handles to your favorite URLs.

The main "standard deviation": all three angles respect ergonomic studies and the good news here is that MS get in the way of many people. They are going to have our ergonomic topics considered by the market with a good device like this one.

This was for the material by itself. Now, for my personal perspective as an addicted TouchStream user, I believe that I've just found the best bundle to work with. There is one major point to be concerned still, it is the staggered keys standard creepy disposition. And this is absolutely painful! This appears to be so crazy when you've realized it that you can't hold it anymore. This keyboard has it. MS did not dare to drop it yet :(

My quest for the ideal complement was mainly concerned with giving something to feel to my fingers. Well, this keyboard was the closest thing I've seen to be reasonable enough not to swallow me in a second exotic touch learning curve.

But I still miss the center of my target...

With my ultimate solution, my finger would make the difference between keys as they do with those many things we manipulate everyday. Those things that are not keyboard keys I mean. I am trying to go this way with something I've stuck on the home row FJ keys and on the two SHIFT keys. There are so many reaches that make your fingers leave the home row that this helps to reach back home row with more confidence. And when I am looking for SHIFT keys, I don't accidentally hit CAPS LOCK on one side and ENTER on the other. I used rather harsh feeling surface for these four keys. I've shaped pieces of an old glasses case made of ruggedized fabric. It looks like this does the trick... I used UHU PATAFIX so I can remove all this easily.

Why do pianists play so nicely with their bunch of keys? Because they have these black and white keys on different levels!
I can understand how you can play violin or cello -- this is our touchstream -- everything happens in another part of the brain, you just care of where your fingers are at any moment and that's all there is to it.
Now, if your fingers have to use what they feel from a - keyboard with keys - why don't they get something to make them not all alike :?: :!:

This is my current fantasy, I am still practicing a lot and it is very likely that everything I am writing here will prove to be not so big deal after all. But this is quite driving me for the time being. Isn't it what's important about all of this :wink:

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