Does Trigger finger work without software?

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Does Trigger finger work without software?

Postby malwarebytes » 27 Jul 2011, 04:46

If I'm buying the trigger finger used with no software, will I be limited in any way?
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Re: Does Trigger finger work without software?

Postby TorbenGB » 27 Jul 2011, 19:07

Hi Malware, and welcome to the site!
What is the "trigger finger", is that the product name? If so, then it's not a FingerWorks product, and we can't really help you here, sorry.

This page lists the product names of FingerWorks - do you mean any of those instead?

If you're talking about a FingerWorks product, then they work fine without software - that's only needed for changing the configuration but out-of-the-box the configuration is very good to start with. And the software is freely downloadable for any major platform.
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