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Buying ribbon cable replacements?

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2011, 17:43
by ShawnMcCool
I've been searching the forum for a place to buy ribbon cable replacements. Any suggestions?

After doing some more searching online it appears that these are the right cables. I don't know how they attach but there seem to be other threads about replacing the ribbon cables already. ... 03&x=0&y=0

Re: Buying ribbon cable replacements?

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2011, 19:32
by TorbenGB
According to earlier posts, DigiKey seems to be the place to go. I even found a post that contains the exact product you need:
Digi-Key Part Number: HF26U-03-ND
which is good to know because they have thousands of cables to choose from!

For the benefit of future readers, here are the exact specs:
Manufacturer: Parlex Corp
Manufacturer Part Number: 100R26-76B
Description: CABLE FLAT FLEX 26POS 1MM 3"
Cable Type: FFC
Number of Conductors: 26
Pitch: 0.039" (1.00mm)
Length: 3.00" (76.20mm)
Length - Exposed Ends: 0.140" (3.56mm)
Termination Style: Top on Both Sides, Backers Both Sides

Re: Buying ribbon cable replacements?

PostPosted: 25 Apr 2012, 17:02
by hberg32
How are you finding these cables from Digikey are holding up? I have a burgundy TouchStream that started getting cranky on me from time to time ever since a fall damaged its original ribbon cable (though no sign of damage to the circuit board components). I replace the ribbon cable whenever it gets moody and all goes back to normal. When I did the most recent swap I noticed there was enough corrosion on the ribbon cable's contacts to discolor the metal. The corrosion can be scraped off but it's tough enough that DeoxIt D5 won't soften it up. I'm worried that A) there is possibly a galvanic reaction going on between the ribbon cable/socket connectors causing corrosion and, B) that if DeoxIt resistant corrosion is building up on the ribbon cable it's probably building up in the socket and I'm not sure how I'd get it out.