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How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 13 Feb 2011, 20:25
by TorbenGB
I thought I'd post this little hack along with a question to you all: :?: How do YOU prevent potential damage to the ribbon cable? Here's what I did just now:

To save a little precious desktop space, I've recently put the tent stand away and now I'm just using the TSLP flat on the desk. I've done that once, ages ago at work, and found that finger drift was much more pronounced and a big problem, so I put it back on the tent stand and have been keeping it there ever since. Today though, finger drift is oddly no big problem; at least not much more than usual for me. It's strangely comfortable to write on a totally flat device. I do miss the wrist pads and the angled hands, but I'll keep the tent away for now and see how it goes.

One thing I noticed was that when there's no tent stand (with which I can move the whole device with one hand) I need to use both hands to move the TSLP - one hand for each half - or else the ribbon cable gets flexed in a way that might not be good in the long run.

To prevent that flexing, I've just made a crude hack using two bits of stiff cardboard cut into a wedge shape and stapled together on each side of the ribbon. A piece of tape on the underside keeps it in place. This hack seems to be very effective. It completely removes any wiggle room between the two halves, which is just what I wanted. It does introduce a new change though: It's now difficult to pick up the TSLP without putting a pulling tension on the ribbon cable. Luckily I never pick it up so it doesn't matter, but it's worth noting anyway.

Yes I know it's not symmetrical. I said it was a quick hack.

While using the tent stand, I have often been a little annoyed that the TSLP is sliding around just a little bit; enough for me to develop a tiny nervous habit of realigning the TSLP on the stand every now and then. I've considered simply fastening both halves on the stand using a small piece of double-sided tape in each of the eight corners, but I never did. I'd be interested in hearing your ideas about this!

Re: How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 13 Feb 2011, 23:24
by ivanw
As I have extensive use of UHU tac all over my desk to keep in check all those gadgets that keep me alive like my old pal Dart Vardor, I suggest you could give it a try.

Anyway, it does the job for a Plantronics CS65 headset support (far too light to keep standing on its own), a Fellowes Gliding Palm Support I can move from one of my two DX1 keysets panes and some other devices I wont allow to drift sneakily like your TS does.

Re: How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 03:07
by The00Dustin
I bought three spares the first time their failure was discussed. I also always leake the TS on the stand and move just the stand. I don't have much trouble with it sliding around (don't know why not), and don't imagine I'll do anything more (hopefully don't have to find/use the spares).

Re: How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 09:07
by TorbenGB
@ivanw, using "bubblegum" is a great idea! It's also much easier removed than the white padded double-sided sticky tape that I had in mind.

@Dustin (I keep thinking "Theo" when I see your username :) ), are you serious, you have THREE spares just sitting in a closet, to hopefully never be needed? Wow.

Re: How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 11:50
by The00Dustin
Yup, three spares. If I remember correctly, they were cheap and the shipping wasn't, so I figured buying any less wasn't justifiable. I'd have a spare dvorak TSLP sitting in a closet too if prices hadn't gotten so out of hand.

Re: How do you protect the ribbon cable?

Posted: 14 Feb 2011, 14:55
by TorbenGB
Well, if you're ever broke you can make more money selling your spares than from the gold you've buried in the back yard :-)
Your Dvorak remark prompted me to write another post I've been meaning to write for years.