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Weird Error: "WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing"

Posted: 31 Jan 2011, 03:27
by ebenhaber
I got one of my non-working TouchStream keyboards working again, had to replace the ribbon cable and splice on a new USB cable.

It seems to work o.k., though when I run the diagnostics program, it reports the error:

WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing
WARNING: Contact

Well, I don't expect I'd get much by contacting Can anybody out there shed light on this error?



Re: Weird Error: "WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing"

Posted: 01 Feb 2011, 10:48
by TorbenGB
First of all: Welcome to the community!

I have no idea how the act of replacing the ribbon cable could accidentally delete the dictionary, but honestly I think the two events aren't related. Your repair probably has nothing to do with the dictionary loss.

The TouchStream dictionary is used to guess what words you're writing in the cases when you don't hit each character perfectly. I think it's part of the firmware, and if that is the case, then it hints toward a solution for you: upgrade the TouchStream firmware, and hopefully the dictionary will be re-written to the TouchStream's memory. Note that you don't need to "upgrade" to a higher version -- you can probably re-install the existing firmware.

You're going to need the original FingerWorks software (won't work on Vista/Win7). I don't have the exact steps in my head but you should look at the documentation to get started.

Please come back here and let us know how it goes! We'll try to help you over any obstacles.

Re: Weird Error: "WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing"

Posted: 01 Feb 2011, 11:44
by ivanw
Just in case, you can check the Wiki DownloadArea here : bin/view/Main/DownloadArea

Re: Weird Error: "WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing"

Posted: 01 Feb 2011, 14:24
by TorbenGB
Note that most downloadable material has moved to the forum's Download Center, specifically the software for Win&Mac and the PDF manuals.

The wiki was not being maintained well, so I've begun restoring all my material to this new location instead. Some parts may still be missing, e.g. the Linux software.

Re: Weird Error: "WARNING: Spelling Dictionary Missing"

Posted: 02 Feb 2011, 06:00
by ebenhaber
In fact, after getting it working again I did upgrade the firmware, from 1.4 to 1.6, but it still gave the same error message, so I suspect the spelling dictionary must be outside of the firmware. So I guess I'll have to learn to not spell words wrong. On the other hand, at least it will no longer correct "IBM" to "BIM". :-)