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Touchstream LP on WIN7?

Posted: 14 Feb 2010, 01:03
by FabioZ
I've heard it's not working on win7, can someone please confirm/deny or I'll be stuck forever on XP?

Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 07:11
Works fine for me. W7 64 bit. I think there are some issues with the Fingerworks software working (not sure if that is because of 64 bit or W7), but the board itself works just like it always has for me. ~Ed

Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 21:47
by FabioZ
priceless information, thank you so much!!

Posted: 26 Feb 2010, 20:32
by Meesters
That is nice to hear.


Posted: 20 Apr 2010, 23:40
by nomaded
The devices work fine, since they're just USB HID keyboard and mice, to the OS. The problem is that with the current (old) Java tools, there's no way to program the devices, at least with W7 x64. Not surprisingly, the XP mode VM won't detect it either.

Re: Touchstream LP on WIN7?

Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 16:33
by ShawnMcCool
Are you saying that the massive default gesture library works in windows 7?

Re: Touchstream LP on WIN7?

Posted: 29 Mar 2011, 19:17
by TorbenGB
Yes Shawn, everything the FingerWorks devices can do, they can do in Win7 too! The only limitation is that you cannot CHANGE what they do.

@Nomaded, of course the solution is to run the FW software in WinXP. If you have a copy of WinXP and the license key, then you can install it *inside* Win7 -- use either Sun VirtualBox or VMware to create a virtual machine, and then install XP on that. It's what I did, and this works on any system (I'm currently on Linux, and the current Linux versions are also incompatible, just like Win7). See here how to do that: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2861#p5892