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Opening up a Touchstream?

Posted: 04 Dec 2005, 21:15
by TP Diffenbach
Now that my Touchstream is dead, I guess my only option is to open it up and see just how dead it is.

Has anyone done this?

Any idea how to open it?


Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 11:15
by TorbenGB
To my knowledge, nobody has yet done this. If you decide to do it, please take a million detailed photos so that we can create a complete reference page afterwards.

To start opening the device, flip it over. You'll notice that the reverse side has a number of small plastic tabs along the edge that lock into place. Open these, and you can take the frame apart. There might also be some locking tabs or similar under the rubber, but I don't know.
- That's the rough theory; I do not know how to actually do it without causing (serious) harm to the device!

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 12:35
by ivanw

I'm looking too and I will open my mouth as soon as I can provide some sound advice. I am not in the electronic domain anymore but I used to be during my previous life.

Chances are that surface mounted Integrated Circuits wont be replaceable easily...
...And this is where, hopefully, some knowledgeable member should join the fray.

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 18:21
by ivanw
Before damaging your TS, I would suggest sending an email to Wayne Westerman - or even more appropriately to John Elias - Even if they are not allowed to show up in these forums, I am sure they still can answer a personal message asking them for some advice about options in this situation.

If these address are dead ends, you may have to track them elsewhere.
Here is where I started:

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 18:56
by TP Diffenbach
ivanw wrote:Before damaging your TS, I would suggest sending an email to ....
Who are these folks?

(And worse luck, they probably don't use my Firefox extension. :) )

Posted: 05 Dec 2005, 19:17
by ivanw
As I can see, you are not one of the aficionados. Although it is not a flaw, most people here are... :roll: ...and that could be one :wink:
These two guys are simply those who invented the whole thing. Wayne Westernan got graduated Doctor of Philosophy in
Electrical Engineering out of his job and John Elias was a teacher at University of Delaware and helped building the prototype. Then they both created Fingerworks... That's all of it, they should be the best choice before 911