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Which notebooks are compatible w/ MacnTouch?

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2005, 11:53
by Will
I would like to know what experiences you made with the compatibility of the MacnTouch to other (x86) notebooks than the Power/iBooks.
Are there any notebooks from Asus or Sony that are compatible? Samsung seems not to be compatible.

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2005, 18:51
by Rqyteqto
I believe the big issue is the connector on the cable. But since they are listed for stand-alone use, I don't see why they wouldn't work with any notebook, though they may not be able to replace the keyboard physically.

PostPosted: 25 Oct 2005, 20:07
by nomaded
If you plan on removing the builtin keyboard and replacing it with a MacNTouch, all that matters is that the keyboard space is large enough for the MacNTouch to fit. If the space is too large, you could get some cardboard and mask out any exposed innards.

Depending on whether you have a white or silver MacNTouch will determine if you can (easily) connect the keyboard to an available USB port. The silver MacNTouch has a much longer length to the USB cable; the white MacNTouch is meant to connect to a USB port in the back of the laptop (TiBook).

Other than physical issues, the firmware has the same functionality as the larger TouchStreams.

Newest Powerbooks, too?

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2006, 02:32
by DamonBrinson
I read here ( )that the Macntouch doesn't "fit" some newer Powerbooks... I assume that this is a comment about the physical fit and not the compatibility fit... My understanding is that the entire Fingerworks line is so standard (with regard to the programming interface) that it would work with anything that can support a standard USB keyboard...right? The issue with fit becomes a practical one of the physical integrity of the keyboard and the (perhaps partially exposed) innards of the laptop. Then, there are the aesthetics of a less-than-graceful transplant...

I use a TS now and I'm planning to get a new Powerbook in a few months... I was hoping to sell a kidney and bid on a Macntouch (if one appeared) in the meantime... Maybe not...?

PostPosted: 03 Jan 2006, 03:12
by The00Dustin
If I remember correctly, new PowerBook keyboards are not removable. I read this in a thread, possibly in the old forums. Perhaps "fit" is just poor translation, although I suppose it would also apply to physical fit.

PostPosted: 09 Aug 2006, 05:21
by nomaded
I just wanted to update this topic with some new info.

I was able to get a Silver MacNTouch into my Oct2005 PowerBook.

Removing the builtin keyboard required taking to the upper part of the PowerBook off, in order to remove the 10 screws that hold the builtin keyboard in place. I used the directions found at (looks like the incorporated the corrections I sent them from going through the steps myself). So, this goes against what FingerWorks had said, in the past, to explain why they had discontinued the MacNTouch. I wouldn't be surprised that it had to do with the amount of work needed to install the Silver MacNTouch compared to the White MacNTouch. Or, more likely, it had to do with the founders/inventors getting acquired by Apple.

Please note that, as I understand it, the Silver MacNTouch I own is a bit different from some of the other ones that had shipped. It has a longer USB cable that allows me to drap the cable the left speaker, as opposed to piping the USB cable through the USB port as the FingerWorks instructions suggest. Also, this Silver MacNTouch came with 3M double-sided sticky pads to hold the keyboard in place, as opposed to being screwed down. I am not sure how else my Silver MacNTouch is different from other Silver MacNTouches that were sold.

I will say that the older White MacNTouch will not fit at all, at least without some major modifications. The USB cable is designed to connect to a USB port in the rear of the Titanium PowerBooks, so it's far too short to reach the USB ports on either side of the Aluminum PowerBooks. Also there are a set of tabs at the bottom of the White MacNTouch that would need to be removed in order to fit the keyboard well.